Inputs required from Industrial cliients

Query list

  1. llumination
    1. Height of the shed
    2. Height of tie member of truss from F F L.
    3. Type of roofing. North light, transparent sheets, etc.
    4. Level of precision reading marking or inspection required from illumination angle.
    5. Possibility of dust generation or smoke generation from
    6. Type of source preferred by client. Metal halide, sodium, mercury, Fluorescent tube light fitting etc.
    7. Visibility angle.

  2. Ventilation
    1. Rise in temperature due to production procedures.
    2. General ventilation needed in terms of number of air exchanges during one hour of operation.

  3. Electrical load
    1. Load list of machinery
    2. Load cycle of individual machine if available.
    3. Load list of machinery with its connected load and internal diversity or the max. Load details of individual machine.
    4. Type of drives used in machine.
    5. If possible copies of specification sheets for all machines.
    6. Special requirements of any machine in terms of voltage, frequency, a/c d/c etc.
    7. Provisions available in existing setup for this additional load.
    8. Type of electrical distribution system presently used in setup panels and cables, overhead busbar, under ground bus trunking. Etc.

  4. In relation with govt.
    1. Electricity bills for last one year.
    2. List of load submitted with board.
    3. List of load actually in use.

  5. Type of soil available for earthing. ( electrical quality of soil)


Question sheet for client.

  1. Provision of standby power
    1. Standby power we are looking for.
    2. The Capacity of available standby power source.
    3. The technical details about this power source
    4. Normal operating voltage,
    5. 4 wire or 3 wire system
    6. Earthing requirements
    7. Frequency,
    8. % reactance
    9. Type of voltage controllers.
    10. The loads on this set
    11. Cooling water for cooling,
    12. Lubrication oil
    13. Fuel consumption,
    14. Noise-level generated,
    15. Ventilation requirements

  2. Provision of common amnesties
    1. Club house
    2. Swimming pool
    3. Gymnasium
    4. Landscape
    5. Fountains
    6. Sauna bath

  3. Provision of TV Cable and DD

  4. Security system
    1. CC T V
    2. Intercom
    3. Door phone with camera
    4. Infra red
    5. Door latch

  5. Plumbing power requirements

  6. Load requirement of fire fighting system

    Hear you can find Rating Capacitor to be added  for power factor correction
    Connected load of factory
    Registered MD of last bill.
    Registerd MD in last year
    Average power factor of last month
    Minimum of  Average power factor of last year
    Target power factor
    Capacitors to be added to the circuit
    Max. md
    min pf
    target kva
    Kvar target