We the electrical consultants (Vidyutsallagar) are here to provide the general but important information about the world's greatest invisible power.

Our Mission

We have the goal set for us to provide information to everybody about the electrical energy and develop the common reliable information source.

Company Profile

Vidyutsallagar in leadership of Mr. Mandar Khadilkar had developed the reputation and confidence to deal with the electrical requirements of every type of users. With help of confidence and practical experience in last 25 years Vidyutsallagar is now working for almost every type of electrification projects. Academic institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial complexes, Industrial setups, Residential complexes, IT Parks, IT Offices, etc can be listed to display the band width of type of projects. And in addition to the commercial part of it Vidyutsallagar always pays attention to safety of the electrification, with a view to minimize the occurrences of accidents due to bad workmanship in electrical installation.